An Introduction to Professor Jordan Peterson… The best salve for today´s Weltschmerz

If you watch only one lecture of his, please let it be this one. Before he was (so) famous, and more willing to get fired up. This is his message, in a nutshell, in 10 minutes… and I would bet good money that it resonates with you just as much as it did for me, and every other person who has watched it.

And if you want to see the the mettle of this brilliant man, this short interview is an excellent place to start.

He is the real deal, and it is glorious to see the mechanisms of Ad Hominem attacks that the radical left have weaponised so well for the last few years bounce off of him… each wave only gaining him more popularity and respect.

Here is a more up tempo motivational video…


He has, however, been gaining popularity for several years.

Several years ago, this ex-Harvard Psychology professor and practicing clinical psychologist started to film his high level psychology lectures while teaching at the University of Toronto.

They were filmed in high quality, and they started to gain a following.

Mostly men, for two reasons;

  • Most Youtube users are men. However he has plenty of female followers and supporters.
  • Men (especially young white men) are feeling more and more marginalised. The drop out rate is huge, because frankly, the game has not seemed worth playing. If you follow his lectures, and advice, he helps you to find your own purpose and direction. How to make sense of the world, and what you have to do next. He doesn’t tell you it directly, he just helps you find it for yourself. (The first few minutes of the Cathy Newman attempted hit-piece explains it well).

However, there is one video he made in response to our generation’s burning desire to fix the ruined social/capitalistic system, and how to direct that correctly.

If you follow his logic, and then follow his advice, you have a far better chance of being taken seriously… and therefore succeeding in changing the world in future.

And here is the full 30 minute talk… a bit more in depth.

[ Be aware that Dr Peterson regularly references the bible, as he considers it archetypal and a cornerstone of Western culture… which when you think about it, it is. He regularly discusses his stance on atheism and clearly respects atheism, and also has never outright came out as a practising Christian.
He was also a staunch supporter of Marxism when he was younger, and after several years became disenchanted with it. It is important to remember the difference between outright communism, and socialism… or even social market economies. ]


Self Authoring Program and Book.

He mentions his Self Authoring program at points. I have tried it for future authoring, and it really helped me identify obvious places in my character and life to improve things… I did that, and the effects were amazing.

You can buy the set together for only $30, and you get a “spare” account to gift a friend. It’s a beautiful idea, and my friend also saw good improvement in their life.

You cannot pinch it off the internet, as it is a service… but since it was a collaborative effort, it is only fair to support those who helped him produce it.

His book is available online (legally and less legally). He is so well funded on Patreon and so successful, I genuinely don’t think he minds it being passed around. It is somewhat like Gideon…

Find it yourself, or ask someone to help you (find or buy it) if you can’t afford it right now.

I think his videos on Youtube are just as good, and less filled with religious references, however it does include some amazing insights in a well structured form. Here is a good summary of the main points…
And if you get the audio book, it sounds like it’s being read by Kermit the Frog.


Other excellent videos;

A recent classic was of course the Channel 4 interview… It was beautiful from a statistical perspective, and also to finally hear someone defend ration objective truth in the face of ideology. At all times he held himself with dignity and poise against someone clear gunning for him, and deliberately misrepresenting his views to the point of foolishness.

“How can you say they won’t be happy. What gives you the right to make these sweeping generations?”

“… I’m a clinial psychologist… ”

Nearly 9 million views tells you how much it resonated with the silent majority growing sick of being told they are wrong, stupid and their fact based interpretation of the world does not quite mesh with what the Ministry of Truth is pumping out.

If you want less Brexits, Trumps, Le Pens, AfDs, Golden Dawns and other right wing populist politics… we need to start pushing back against this lunacy. And this is why he is becoming known as a hero.



Nailing addiction and the mechanisms behind it. Completely summarises everything I ever learnt in my training and personal experience working in that area.



One of his earliest videos, back when he was embroiled [or just before, actually – ignore the video time stamp, they get re-uploaded] in the Gender Pronouns thing… Listen to the tone of the question as asked, to see the problem faced in various (mostly) English speaking countries higher education systems.



Lovely light hearted interview, showing some of his views in a bit lighter fashion.






Author: Huang Ying

Newly emerged adult, trying to work out the best pathway to being a person of true value in the coming tough years. Currently planning on going to the Balkans for a peaceful life.

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